tumblr_inline_n4bq2lCNrD1srmz8fHi! I’m Christina Antoinette Neofotistou ( aka castpixel ),  illustrator and gamedev.
This is the gamedev blog for “Heaving of the Depths” a game I made originally for the Ludum Dare game contest. You can play the LD prototype here .

It’s an indie RPG adventure with a focus on storyline and battle. Join Cod and Sunny, two mercenary women, who go on adventures on their ship. Until one day, the creatures that lie below the surface begin to emerge.

I’ll be posting game development updates as they come. Decisions, screenshots, gameplay snippets, game mechanics. The goal is to finish this game within 6 months.

Welcome, and feel free to shape this game with me.

Here’s some early screenshots: